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The Everett Show Podcast brings you Entertainment topics from Movies,TV Shows,Wrestling with a "Shot Of Entertainment To The Head."
Segments that include Random Reddit Thread, Mirakuru Lounge and In-Ring Report. Guest Interviews with people ranging from all parts of the Entertainment World.
Everett Lee's Co-host Chris Carnage and McShaft drops in so often to join Everett on conversations while bringing their touch of insight humor.

Aug 12, 2018

After tech issues from the following night,Everett Lee and David Russell from Deathmatch Russell Podcast rerecord this episode again. Streaming for the first time on the Podcast City Network channel the guys bring you,

IN-RING REPORT- CZW Bussiness As Usual,Danjerhawk of Chikara Pro calls in to discuss...

Aug 4, 2018

On this episode

IN-RING REPORT- Chikara Pro Egg Monsters From Mars Results with guest Frantik calls in, CZW New Hights Results, Matt Riddle Confirms Talks With WWE NJPW.

ON THE NET- New Venom Trailer, James Gunn and Linda Hamilton Returns As Sarah Connor with David Russell Co-Hosting and much more.

Jul 21, 2018

Chris Carnage returns to The Everett Lee Show after a long hiatus. David Russell of Deathmatch Russell Podcast join in with Everett and Carnage to discuss WWE Extreme Rules 2018 on what they liked about the PPV and what they didn't. Recorded live on 7-18-18


Jul 15, 2018

Tommy James of 2nd Rounds Florida Edition and Robyn Nelson of Wrestle Popcast join Everett to discuss predictions for WWE Extreme Rules 2018. The guys take a look at the match card and discuss what matches they are looking forward to and what matches they are not. Recorded Live on 7-13-18

Jul 9, 2018

David Russell from Deathmatch Russell Podcast joins Everett as they discuss what wrestling events they attended on a Friday Night. 

David discusses CZW Dark City event and Everett discusses CEO Gaming + NJPW event.

Discussions on Items that don't last long and Purchases at The Check Out Counter and more Random...