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The Everett Lee Show Podcast brings a "Shot Of Entertainment To The Head."
Everett Lee chats with Indie Wrestlers, Indie Film Makers and Musicians each week.

May 12, 2017

The Horror Nerd Todd Staruch with Indie Film Director Tom Ryan join Everett Lee and Chris Carnage to discuss Theater Of Terror. Tom and Todd discuss their love of horror with how they collaborated on this latest project. Tom talks about how he got into directing films and his band Vlad The Inhaler.

Sports talk about the...

May 5, 2017

Wrestler Shawn Phoenix calls in this week to discuss his wrestling career. We do a top 5 of worst burns in general with shawn.
WWE Payback with RAW and Smackdown Live reviews. Sports with Carnage from Pigskin Chronicles and Stupid People News.
A Call In from a friend of the show and more this week.


May 1, 2017

Alex Red joins the podcast this week to discuss AWE ,"Atomic Wrestling Entertainment." Alex discuss what goes into the promotion and the talent that is a part of AWE. Wrestling discussion on WWE with sports talk and more.


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